This Hentai apparent sub appears to be looking in anguish to the missing person in the scene most probably the dom in this master or mistress and slave power exchange. She is bound and exposed, the cartoon breasts and crotch in prominent view. The bonds that tie her seem somewhat like restrictive ribbons, rather suggestive of the play relationship. The only contradiction is the look in the subject’s eyes, which appears to be a mix of slight fright and apparent seduction to the dom. In the typical master/mistress and slave relationship, the lure is the power exchange (whether total power exchange or partial) where the submissive gives his or her power/life to the dominant in exchange for the dominant’s responsibility to take care of him or her. Trust is key. While the control may seem tied up in one person, the submissive’s giving up control usually rests on the tacit agreement, sometimes written agreement, that the submissive determine the limitations, going so far and no further, assuming the participants are consenting partners and not insane. Notice the sub is presumably tied up, looking down at the dom, which suggests she has her own power.

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