Tweet That

Sparrow beaks tweet ticket-ee tee tee tee

Yer mate tweets back, “Impeach the dude”

And all the kerfluffle of sham and shatter

Nattering a morning’s cuppa jo unsweetened

Enough to make you hate your neighbor or

Honk your horn at a red light to waken her, 

Lap-staring, brown-haired comatose waif.

But I read somewhere that choice cuts the

Day in two, yours and mine, theirs often 2

Late 2 make 2 more light seconds matter.

Close your eyes, blink twice, and it’s over

By the next exhale’s end, paused like ice

As you draw the next breath inward ho and

So it goes, so it goes and so it go, go goes.

Wingless Wren


She is a wingless wren
a bitty beak a half lid
slow-eyed sunk in
dreaming of flight
and plans of cities wide
and deep for her pain
losing miles of time sweet
she is dove of sighs
coos left for the unloved
she is an electric beam
of magnetic woe laid
before her feet and song
one shared in no one
my little song bird mute
limps to nesty retreat
dark hollow of a tree
gleamy eyes trickle
light fogged from within
a birdless fright of whim
a skittering feather foot
scamper shot running
a wrong winged one
she is a grounded wren.