Ten for Today: No Time

A brewing there is; it’s in the air, 

Something unknown, something

Unwarranted, not guaranteed but

Certain all the same, something 

Like tomorrows, which never

Ever come, at least not the way

We experience them in the thick

Of time, inside of it, surrounded

By it, time, that is, the same time

That convinces us that the present

Moment is all there isn’t, not 

Like there’s a day or so, or more

Ahead like a y intersects an x, at 

The axis, an infinite line projection

To somewhere, really nowhere

Except in the collective imagination

Of something coming and something

Going, as if it-they-we could do it,

Make time and space move us, move

Us toward that something’s arrival.

For it’s certainly coming, definitely


A Stranger Shook my Hand


From the sky, like rain on a sunny day,

blazing like arson, a stranger walked in,

shook my hand and asked how I fared.

His hand melted goo through my fingers.

Jumped back in warped skill, he took me,

fled with my expression still open wide,

shut tight in frightened delighted airspace.

And we toured the streaming veins of time,

spinning til the G’s popped open our eyes.

By then his smile lingered Cheshire drawn

while the faint stain painted a rose dying

in my hand’s palm he clasped as life lines.