Can You Be The Mistress In Your Own Marriage?


Below is the link to an interesting twist on the cheated wife’s revenge when a clever and insightful wife befriends her husband’s mistress and saves her marriage.

4 Replies to “Can You Be The Mistress In Your Own Marriage?”

  1. A poignant story. It holds many lessons and truths. Whether the reader will glean them and benefit from their advisory is for each to decide. Mutual understanding and a desire to truly understand what it meant for each person here is what makes this story, and what makes it unique.

    1. The wife’s ability to sublimate jealousy was the incredible part. Her rational approach to the situation and ability to accept enough to evaluate the woman what appears to be impartial. Of course, this story is told far in hindsight.

      1. Yes, I agree that the wife’s ability to sublimate her jealousy is incredible. However, this occurred only after she visited the mistress and understood her as a person.

      2. I admire her strength, compassion and gratitude. She understood what she had and did not want to lose it/him. Most would find this foray of his unforgivable and him not worth keeping. The breach of trust is insurmountable for many.

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