This Hentai apparent sub appears to be looking in anguish to the missing person in the scene most probably the dom in this master or mistress and slave power exchange. She is bound and exposed, the cartoon breasts and crotch in prominent view. The bonds that tie her seem somewhat like restrictive ribbons, rather suggestive of the play relationship. The only contradiction is the look in the subject’s eyes, which appears to be a mix of slight fright and apparent seduction to the dom. In the typical master/mistress and slave relationship, the lure is the power exchange (whether total power exchange or partial) where the submissive gives his or her power/life to the dominant in exchange for the dominant’s responsibility to take care of him or her. Trust is key. While the control may seem tied up in one person, the submissive’s giving up control usually rests on the tacit agreement, sometimes written agreement, that the submissive determine the limitations, going so far and no further, assuming the participants are consenting partners and not insane. Notice the sub is presumably tied up, looking down at the dom, which suggests she has her own power.

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  1. Does one ‘like’ this post/picture with no context? What IS the context? Or is it simply a statement in itself……. while not personally a big fan of anime and the themes (particularly as they depict the young) I do recognize both the artistic quality and the right of the person(s) to post and enjoy as they see fit. Not a Puritan in any sense of the word (oh no……..), just inquiring and would like to know the thoughts.

    1. This blog attempts to tease out the innumerable shades, meanings and incarnations of the term “mistress” as a physical, metaphoric and conceptual space, a place of power exchange. I would be remiss if I didn’t include the erotic, a classic play in the power realm. This picture adds to the pastiche of definitions I suggest in poetry, quotations, articles, visuals and essays.
      Thank you for this comment and question. I do need to tie together what I post with explanation.

  2. With the added context this is a much more robust post. In the relationship you describe it is the tacit approval of the sub, turning over to her Dom, the responsibility for her pleasure as well as her well being. The Dom, accepting that responsibility (or taking it) removes all guilt and decision making from his partner and thusly allows her to explore her deepest mind freely and without fear.

  3. As an artist I find it interesting as to the take on not only the interest but the seeking of context for the image as it stands alone. The present philosophy in the art gallery is – no labels. This demands work from the viewer. But,….. that is not what this is. As an artist who loves women: this is a visual priority list of what this artist’s mind is cued to as far as what arouses him in a female. Unless you’ve drawn a figure out of sexual desire, you can’t know the depth of participation in your own forbidden fantasy: a young school girl just dripping in untouched, ripe, sexual juiciness. Geez, what a thing to die over, any sensible man’s dream, and, as an artist, who better to indulge and interpret that list of visual cues, from the caressing position of the hands which seem to missing an imagined penis. The male viewer putting himself there. The whole Hentai genre is an artist’s personal indulgence in their most fantastic sexual scenarios. Try it,… You will find your heart racing as the visuals are your choice, your exploration and admission to what really does cue your arousal. Dare to go where no pen has gone before.

    1. So the cartoon aspect is freeing in so far as the artist can go deeper into the hard core or softcore sexual, erotic zone without the carnal reality that triggers the taboo and negates or dims the fantasy element.

      1. Just saw this. Yes, you put it so well. Almost like the Schrödinger’s cat, a concept in physics about observation: the innocence of this character is “pre-violation”. She cannot be what she is other than in this state. If the desire this image initiates is fulfilled then she would be portrayed differently, as in many of the more explicit versions of such a character, the wide eyes conveying that innocence of one who is a bit afraid, naive…. that is the essence of that character in that moment.

      2. Would also point out, logistically, one cannot remove her panties with the leg tied up this way, so in reality it precludes what one assumes would be a more ready state, but the artist prefers this kind of forbidden view that may recall his first awareness of a physical response to female forms. Again, an exploration.

  4. A few simple things to comment on…
    Within the realm of bdsm, as I experience it, there is no fear… there is only trust and affection. The anime style depicted almost never reflects any aging, and I, as a dom, interpret her expression as submission. Any look of aggression or power would likley draw punishment, and not in the way she needs; it would be more on the lines of withdrawl of attention from her master/mistress.
    As far as her bindings not allowing the removal of her panties, a strong dom would tell you that there is no need to remove them. Her ease and comfort are not of my concern; in fact, the sheer nature of her inaccessibility is likely created by the master/mistress to incite further aggression and control on their part.

    1. Lucy, thanks for the insight. I have since reevaluated the look in her eyes as fright, maybe more like anticipation and alertness. It is her rounded mouth that evokes fright, excitement or surprise, particularly in view of her bound state, but the context of what we cannot see–what’s in her view–is supplied by experience, as you provided.

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