3 Replies to “Cosmo’s “Mistress Mania – 8 ‘Other Women’ Who Make Life Less Boring””

  1. Marion Davies, the most interesting of all, I believe. Messing with Charlie right in front of her stodgie old fart husband. She is buried at Hollywood Memorial Cemetery though the crypt she is in does not bear her name. I was privy to this info and where she is from an ex care taker of the cemetery. The depiction of her in “Citizen Kane” was endearing, and although Orsen attempted to say it was not, but her choice was to leave the stage and be with Hearst. The perfect example for a mistress, I believe as she was public, and among the wealthiest in the nation considering where she lived and who she lived with.

    1. Interesting that you say she was “the perfect example for a mistress” mentioning her as a public and wealthy person given her lover, Hearst. I can see how the latter would make her classically a mistress, one who receives “benefits” from her lover, but public doesn’t come to mind when I think of mistresses who step into trysts, clandestine affairs. Perhaps she did much for the mistress by becoming a public figure.

  2. She and Charlie Chaplin had an affair right under Hearst’s nose, at the castle! Parties on the beach. I saw an interesting film clip of a challenge between Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks on the beach at the Castle. They had brought out on of the high back chairs and each had to hop on one leg and jump over this high back chair, an incredible, physical feat. Charlie almost made, being smaller than Doug, who cleared it easily, why he was Zorro and did all his own stunts.
    According to Hollywood Babylon Two, Rosebud, the last word spoken by the character at the beginning of Citizen Kane, was the nickname for Marion Davie’s clitoris. Hollywood Babylon 1 and 2, very good.

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