6 Replies to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. This picture puzzles me more than excites me… the feet, the ears… neither appear to be enticing enough to nuzzle or even take a quick nip of. The breast, however, has me most puzzled (not to go into a discussion of my desire to nuzzle or nip). The curvature does not match any concept of a breast that I can recall…

    1. The horror and allure both drawing the viewer in and out of the picture is what interests me. She is part animal and part human, and the animal part would not fit into any of our human desires or metaphors for desire such as a bear, tiger or horse sort of dangerous or terrifyingly beautiful beast (insinuating wild passion and pure sexual energy). Claws? Creepy bat toes that would certainly pierce rather than merely scratch as in a toenail talon of the human sort. But the creepiness is what makes it Halloween-worthy.
      The shape of the breast, I have to agree, is what first raised a question in me about its realism (of course this is surrealism), but maybe he was trying to portray a breast upside down, gravity-ravaged, that changed the shape into something inhuman looking.

  2. Interesting point, I do recall an extremely popular television show with the ladies: Beauty and the Beast, late 80’s. I found the male character disgusting in his appearance, yet, many women found him alluring. Half animal and half man. There is a visual vocabulary that people respond to unconsciously, they don’t realize it. That “secret” code is what you learn in play directing, yes, there is an actual set of rules to sway an audience to different conclusions by direction and timing, most based on the direction in which we read. We sense strength or weakness, success or failure, emotions manipulated, if by a master, the audience would never know.
    The artist here has mastered an incredible visual vocabulary and has peaked your natural reactions showing the border for yourself between beauty and repulsion. The fact is, she is beautiful, I find her perfect for a fantasy fling considering the condition of most women’s feet I observe. The artist manipulating your mind into finding appeal in what would otherwise be repulsive, because he can, with a curve or simple line, make you believe you see a breast, a beautiful waist and figure. It is manipulation by a master craftsman to prove his skill.

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