4 Replies to ““Famous Mistresses in the History of Seduction””

  1. Hey wait a minute -“the kind of women men are secretly drawn to”???? Making the assumption there is a some kind of default choice men prefer. The woman described there is the perfect woman, the definition of a woman.
    So considering this article readily admits that most men are wimps that can’t handle a real woman, I will say this:
    If you want to go into a jungle where a beautiful Tiger lives and it mauls you, who’s fault is it?
    If you’re going in for the fun with a Tiger Girl, you take your whip and chair, your Tiger Tamer Hat and the mindset that if you get scratched, it’s what you came for. What kind of man are you? A Tiger Tamer or a Clown?

    1. Which are you, Jim?
      The writer is ambitious in this article with the research alone, let alone the poetry match-ups, but I agree there are assumptions in that lead-in paragraph that not only may not be true generally but also specifically to those historical figures. The page is from a personal blog, I believe, so the writer may be addressing a specific, known audience. The pictures, some of the poetry, and the subjects are interesting, but the piece is largely someone’s project, not a citable work. It could use some editing also, though that is merely a personal pet peeve of this composition instructor and not a denigration of the work.

  2. ? I am a Tiger Tamer, have the scars to prove it, but a woman with spirit, brains and power, claws and teeth, what could be better?? But Tigers most often burn in their own sauce then flame out, come back as a Phoenix, reinvented, reborn, reproached, redone, rezoned, reasoned, reflexive and responsive, but done with the Tiger gig until the next full moon.

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