New series ‘Mistress’ shines light on ‘the other woman’


Sarah J. Symonds, apparently the Ann Landers of mistressdom, is bringing her advice columnist for mistresses who want to get out of mistressing, to her own cable television spot on the Discovery Life Channel according to a New York Post article of today’s date. Is she plying her trade as an angler exploiting the prurient interests of the populace or is she an earnest do-gooder? I wonder. Like most, the curiosity will make me tune in.
Twitter nugget: When mistressing goes mainstream.

2 Replies to “New series ‘Mistress’ shines light on ‘the other woman’”

  1. The Leopard skin and the pose with the glasses is saying prurient more than do gooder. If it was hosted by Tyra Banks I would find it a more credible presentation of someone trying to leave, hey wait, are you kidding? Isn’t this one of those “leaving the Prostitute business” shows but with fewer calories?

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