2 Replies to “If You Don’t Think Labeling Matters…”

  1. Seems these days are more a return to the late 50’s mores and moralities. The Bush daughter calling a kiss on the roof of the White House hanky panky and it’s all over the web as if she had been naked.
    I am reminded of the old Firesign Theatre line – “Forward, into the past!”.
    My opinion is that the young are being trained to label. The internet, the primary tool of their learning, has a button or link to anything. There is no grey area of concept or idea.
    They are being herded, most unknowingly, into a black and white construct that is defined simply by whether it functions or not.
    Black and white.
    If you will notice, the current format for any website is that of a Newspaper! Columns, text and pictures. If you look at film reels from exactly 100 years ago, they were also shown as a newspaper on screen so people would buy into it. It was later they figured out how to expand on that medium, the Great Train Robbery being the first film to move the camera, show different angles.
    The newspaper format demands the viewer see things as it does, in black and white. It has to rely on the reader’s assumption for it’s truth, whether true or not. Black and White.
    This current culture is truly a reflection of what is being put in front of us, as a tool of information, as the news it carries, the controversy it depends on to be fed. It’s a giant, black and white dragon that feeds on the minds of those buy into the black and white. Tune out, Turn it off, Drop in. Tim Leary’s quip come half circle?

    1. Binaries–black and white–yes you’re either Conservative or Progressive, for or against, in or out. In logic, it has been long recognized that either-or thinking or the false dilemma is a fallacy.

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