In the gaze of the other

"My mistress' eyes are nothing…"

Lie Me to Sleep


And after this, no more silken lies tell.
Hairy legs swept free from their web,
clearing the corners where secrets dwell
in its predator to prey, rotting suspense.

After this one last fool, the venom pools
in another victim of putrefaction’s paws.
Arachnid jaws of acidic kisses of cruel
juiced to the grave, engorged paunch.

Tell me, sweet, the eyes of the doomed
plead for love of the kill, lie me to sleep.

Spider Love

3 thoughts on “Lie Me to Sleep

  1. Great spider poem. The video too! Tarantulas can be kept as pets and trained, they live up to 25 years!

  2. That’s a good one,….

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