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"My mistress' eyes are nothing…"

Doubting Women’s Sexuality



And in a world where women’s narratives about their sexual experiences are routinely called into question, the debate over female ejaculation serves as a reminder that, when it comes to sex, we still don’t believe women. Even when they’re literally wetting the bedsheets with proof.

Lux Aulptraum, a self-proclaimed squirter, questions in The question isn’t if female ejaculation is real. It’s why you don’t trust women to tell you the attitudes toward women’s perceived sexual experience and women sexuality overall. She claims women’s sexual pleasure is suspect because it is hidden, imperceptible to her partner and herself.

What miffed me a tad was learning that Australia has a ban on female ejaculation in pornography on the chance that the ejaculatory substance might be urine and so obscene. Meanwhile, there is no scientific confirmation, according to this article, that female ejaculation is merely urination. Just goes to show you how much there is still a need for feminism.

7 thoughts on “Doubting Women’s Sexuality

  1. Ugh. Sometimes I forget how much the patriarchy sucks, but then I’m quickly reminded by texts like this one. Can they stop already..

  2. Perfect subject for a Sunday morning! Woke me right up!

  3. Its glorious and it’s such a healing force. The pleasure a woman can feel is limitless, men are afraid of this. Good post.

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