The Exorcism

Get out–
I let you in
my mistake
in dire need
broken down 
entry open
burgled, thieved
then you stayed
way too long
overslept me
you, us
time to leave
move on
trip the door
see yourself out
prey on him
her, them
leave me be
take my stuff
laugh at me
kick my pride
make me see
the ass
I am
the fool of me
you made
me too
Sorry? See?
clear out
free me be
stomp by
slam the door
take your shit
mine, take more
clear the air
walk on 
drive by
engine on
idling low
moving past
heave silence
sucked in
blown out
beating down
bare floor
ceiling fan hum
dim light
faded paint
shaded pane
dusty sill
gone now

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