The California Plastic Ban

Read the full article of the excerpt I posted a few days ago, as it appears at The Mindful Word.

Walking out of the market, it suddenly hit me. Something different. Oh, that’s right. No one asked me if I would like to buy a bag for ten cents, and my two hands carried one plastic food-stuffed bag each. I wondered how long I had been unaware of the … (read more here)

5 Replies to “The California Plastic Ban”

  1. 1. The state gets ZERO cents from the 10 cents per bag ‘tax’?

    2. Put your reusable cloth bag(s) in the pockets behind the front seats. I have 2 in the pocket behind the driver’s seat. Or put them somewhere in the cabin where you’ll see them instead of the trunk where they’re out-of-sight, out-of-mind forgotten.

    1. Yes, good pointers. It helps if I am not out of mind. Since writing this article–and now that there is no ban in my city–I have remembered to bring cloth bags. Just a little effort is all.

    1. Yes, in industrial molding plastics, like Bakelike, asbestos was added to plastic compounds regularly. I think with the boom in litigation over asbestos and mesothelioma, the practice has been greatly curtailed.

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