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I love this site and am so proud to have my first contribution published today. 

Fortunate to live in a sunny place, I have long ago adapted a love for outdoor activities. Whether I am up for a bicycle ride or jog along the beach, lining the sides of a soccer field to watch my daughter’s game or hiking at local day-long trails, soaking in the sun or even clouds and wind makes me happy, feel healthy and alive.

Since entering my fifth decade, however, my outdoor activities have changed. Before, running was always my thing, and mostly still is. A heart-pumping sweat feeds my healthy and happy. It used to quell my competitive spirit too when marathons and half marathons were my daily diet of training and racing…(Read the entire article here).

4 Replies to “Outdoors Yoga on OutsideMyWay.com”

    1. Thanks, Danica. I cannot sing enough praises to yoga as anyone who reads my writings knows. It has been my go-to resource to arm the good fight for equilibrium and sanity. Pretty sure my kids are alive today because of it 😉 Menopause was rough. lol.

      1. Haha, your kids must be happy for it. 🙂 Equilibrium and sanity are good things! I’ve loved the classes I’ve been to over the years and I’d like to make it a regular feature of my life.

      2. You won’t regret it, and now there are so many resources to fit anyone’s needs. I used to take classes, then found dvd’s I loved and practiced at home (convenience and time are huge factors for any ongoing activity in my life), and now I have a flexible home practice that I infuse with life from time to time with a class or a video from Yoga Journal, whether I practice for 15 minutes or 2 hours to fit my needs.
        I’m sure you know to find the right fit for you, a safe practice with knowledgeable teachers respectful of wherever you are in your practice and life to avoid injury.
        I’m always happy to hear of others who find the practice an inspiriting addition to their lives and would love to hear how your yoga journey proceeds. Peace and Namaste.

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