Morning Start


A phone call,

the muffled tunnel voice cracks,

“Mom, I want to come home.”

A wave hits the transformer and it’s blown.

No connection.

No contact.

Stunned, mouth agape–

Forgotten exhales,  a mind cries, “no, no, no!!!”

No breath, out of an airless burn, searing lungs, stifled scream—

“This can’t be. I have to jump!”

Over the cliff, falling the eternal drop–

and the shards of rocks jut through the sea to meet gravity’s slam-tossed burden,

through the air and…

((Gasp)), “huh!!! I’m up, I’m up. [catching breath] Okay. Okay. Okay. [quickly glancing about the sliver moon-lit room left to right].

What time is it?”

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