Published on Life in 10 Minutes

A Room of my Own, a ten minute write I published here was published today on the site that inspired me to begin the daily habit of ten minutes to drain-write. I’m finding the creative sprints have opened possibilities, even whistle beckoning to begin or finish those bigger projects. 
Read the piece here. Hope you enjoy… Again. 


6 Replies to “Published on Life in 10 Minutes”

      1. I can imagine it’d feel good! I love writing but can’t take that step to put it all out in the public eye just yet. I’m too chicken lol.

      2. It takes the time it takes. Hopefully you won’t stay chicken 54 years, like I did. And while we crave feedback and applause (writing is lonely), the writing itself is enough. Leap. You have an excellent start already, from what little I’ve read on your blog. Just write.

      3. Writing is such a joy. Thank you so so much for that kind compliment. Thats so encouraging, thank you.

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