It’s Not Just for Buddhist Monks


Published today on The Mindful Word:

Having spent the holidays in Europe with my two young adult children and their father, our family returned home jet-lagged and plumper. Well, at least three of us did. My oldest daughter lost a pound or two from her already…

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6 Replies to “It’s Not Just for Buddhist Monks”

  1. I loved this. It’s hard to do, impossible really unless I make a point of it. So easy to fall into mindless habits, to the point of neither tasting nor enjoying half of what I eat. I like to read while eating! Anyway, I poked around and found Dayenu, which I also loved. I have a blog entry by that name, which I’ll have to dig up and reread.

    1. Agree, especially hard to maintain awareness while eating. I too read while I eat or eat on the fly. But when I do practice, I find I eat less. It takes longer to eat with care, so it allows the food to settle. I can recognize satiety quicker.

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. I assume you found Dayenu on the Mindful Word (?).

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