7 Replies to “Mine – GQ Spain”

  1. I am slightly amused by the extent of the ending credits, also the why of this piece’s creation. A styling sample for a production house perhaps? The movements all the same tempo, creates the major part of this piece’s impression. There are no fast, sudden movements might be found in this sort of play, perfect lipstick and sweat, softness a safe exploration,…. there is no fear.

  2. To me the suggestion that these two are in an ongoing relationship also suggests that they are not pretending. Clearly they are acting as directed by the director. But the director also instructed them to portray a look of actual domination. Obviously being actors these two are pretending for the video. To me however, the director seems to be saying that there are people who engage in literal domination within a relationship. This suggest a relationship dynamic that is far more than simply “pretending”. It implies that the man really has power within this relationship and the woman clearly feels less than an equal partner.

    1. Domination and submission are definitely thematized, and, as you say, if consensual, expresses a type of relationship that appears to be lopsided in power distribution. Remember, however, it is the sub who sets the limits, a powerful trump.

    2. Ponder reading Pat Califia’s “Macho Sluts” or (aka) Patrick Califia-Rice’s “Speaking Sex to Power.” though both tend to highlight queer sex, they also have an explorative insight into bdsm. It’s been many, many years, but I enjoyed both works’ look at non normative sex.

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