And Then There’s Phallophobia

Yesterday was Slut Shaming and Vagina Dentata. Today, I randomly encountered the correlating fear of genitalia while trolling Facebook for just such tidbits of inane trivia.

Phallophobia is a fear of penises, according to the website. According to the authors, the phobia most commonly derives from childhood trauma, but I would add that it may also come from such an experience as the one depicted below:

Such is a Tuesday morning in my small world of peculiar Facebook friends.

Be safe out there.







4 Replies to “And Then There’s Phallophobia”

  1. At least she knows what to do,fight or flee. Nothing worse than a woman has no technique, seems like she’s never been behind the wheel of one and is simply dumbfounded by the darn thing. Worse than a bad taxi ride….. Great equal time piece.

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