Ten Years Ago I Wanted to Pierce My Nose: Poem 14

Ten years ago I wanted to pierce my nose
but I joined a firm instead.
My partners thought it wild,
clashing with the cobalt blue seriousness
of our office walls and wisdom.
So I waited til I left the firm to pierce my nose.
My daughters had theirs pierced by then.
Yet I caved to pressure in the last minute:
it will jeopardize your reputation, and
the outcome of your case
may be prejudiced, prejudged, predetermined
by another’s preconceived notions
about piercings and morals and drugs,
noise like that, which I know is just bull shit.
But I chickened out, and now my nose
has grown long with age, and the piercing
would not look right wedged between wrinkled
doubt and oily regrets oozing from gaping pores.
I’ve made a mess of this decision.
Has it been ten years since I wanted to pierce my nose?

6 Replies to “Ten Years Ago I Wanted to Pierce My Nose: Poem 14”

  1. So, I recently took my mother to pierce her nose and she is 63. She looks amazing with it. I was told the same thing about the half sleeve I now have; people wouldn’t take me seriously in court. I would bruise my reputation. I was being told this by people about 20 years my Sr. I am going back in to do final touches on the sleeve next month. I’m delighted I did it. Pierce your nose, it’s a subtle touch, and it’s never too late.

      1. I think it’s a wonderful idea. Worse comes to worse, you can always remove it! It closes right up. But, better to say you did it than not at all. My mother looks better with it than most women half her age. Please post if you decide to. There are a number of other options for piercing too, ones that no one sees unless you decide to show it off…those are wonderful as well!

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